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HACC Midtown Campus

HACC Midtown Campus


Founded in 1886 as the American Water Works & Guarantee Company, American Water has been serving customers and communities for more than 121 years and is the parent company to 19 state subsidiaries. Today they proudly serve more than 15.6 million people in 32 U.S. states and in Ontario, Canada, supplying customers with high-quality water and wastewater services. American Water Personnel are scientists, innovators and stewards of the environment.

Scope of Project

The Office in Hershey, Pennsylvania was picked to locate a new data center. G.R. Sponaugle Service Company was a natural partner for American Water to design and install a completely redundant power system and the complex cooling systems required for the new data center. Over the years, G.R. Sponaugle Service has supported and exceeded American Water expectations in many projects related to their mechanical, electrical, and communication systems.

In the data center, the new power system included new power service, expansive UPS (uninterruptable power supplies), backup generator with transfer switch to automatically select battery power or generator power in the event of a commercial power outage, as well as upgrades to the distribution systems.

An integral part of the data center’s infrastructure is cooling. With the increasing power loads and data requirements of the new data center, G.R. Sponaugle Service Company was proactive and worked with American Water to design and install multiple load sharing cooling systems to maintain the proper temperature and humidity for optimal computer and systems performance.

G.R. Sponaugle also installed the communications infrastructure required for the data center including fiber optic and high speed Category 6 copper cabling.

G.R. Sponaugle’s expertise in electrical, mechanical, and communication systems and our attention to customer expectations facilitated a smooth installation of a very complex data center.



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