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The Legacy

The LegacyWe started back in 1956 when our founder, G. R. “Barney” Sponaugle, a dedicated plumber by trade, decided it was time to create a company that was centered around his simple, yet effective, philosophy of business — “Do it right the first time.”

Barney was a man who consistently delivered quality, integrity and creativity in all that he did. He worked tirelessly to infuse these qualities into his business. His customers and employees quickly realized that Barney was a different type of person and that G. R. Sponaugle was a different
type of company.

With Sponaugle’s approach, our company steadily grew into a success. What started as a plumbing firm quickly evolved into a multi-faceted corporation with vast aptitude in such areas as engineering design, construction, service, maintenance, and communications.

We have evolved into a company that is both flexible and dynamic.

We are a company that consistently meets and exceeds the needs of our customers. Our evolution is continuous as we relentlessly seek better ways to give our customers that something extra, that something special, that something that no other company can offer.

As we move forward in our evolution and advancement, we make it a strong point to never lose sight of our legacy. Just one man, who envisioned ways to improve how business was done for his customers, started this legacy. We are proud to carry on such a tradition.

We will continue to adhere to the heritage Barney left us by fusing his timeless values with new services, new technology and new methodologies of business. Barney was a revolutionary man who built our company, not only from the ground up, but also with innovative and imaginative ideas and concepts that truly were revolutionary during his time.

Our advancement into the future will be accomplished by taking forward thinking and progressive leaps and bounds. Yet, it is our ability to retain the time-honored practices upon which our company was built that ultimately sets us apart from the rest. We are a company that celebrates its heritage and embraces the future. We honor our traditions and our collective pride runs deep.

About Us